Sustainable Agriculture

A major challenge for us all in the years to come is how we feed the future in a sustainable way.

For us, it starts with the soil beneath our feet and the global need to feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050. This means cultivating solutions for growers so they can increase food production sustainably for generations.

Our aim is to make key transformations across our business through ambitious commitments that leads the next wave of agricultural evolution and drives systemic change in the industry.

Sustainability snapshot

We have three main areas of focus in relation to sustainability and how it overlays with agriculture.

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1) Feeding the planet sustainably

Strengthen food security by scaling sustainable and productive agriculture

2) Environment and climate action

Provide solutions and platforms to achieve emissions reductions in alignment with climate science

3) Inclusive agriculture

Support rural livelihoods and increase participation of underrepresented stakeholders in agriculture


Agriculture and the environment

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We believe there is a significant opportunity for agriculture to contribute to the Government’s emission reduction ambitions and create value for regional communities.

While sequestering carbon is a significant goal, we believe the greatest environmental and economic outcomes for agriculture lie in voluntary emissions reduction and avoidance on-farm.

With experts on the ground in hundreds of communities and on tens of thousands of farms across the country, we are acutely aware of the necessity to give Australian farmers the tools to manage climate risk.

Our global company is committed to feeding the planet sustainably and we are enabling farmers across the world to adopt sustainable practices that result in more productive land and higher yields.

Our local footprint also provides us a unique opportunity to help improve the health of key environmental assets, including the Great Barrier Reef and Murray Darling Basin.

A man in front of a tractor in the field.

Transforming agriculture

We are investing significantly in the digital tools and technology farmers need to measure the environmental footprint of their property and enact whole of property improvements. The key to embedding and scaling these improvements is the economic outcome for farmers.

Farmers must be at the centre of policies aimed at improving land management and leveraging the associated environmental benefits. We work with industry bodies to feed into policy development on these issues and welcome the opportunity to talk directly to you about the role agriculture is already playing in reducing emissions and improving environmental outcomes on land under the management of Australia’s farmers.

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