Farm Supplies & Equipment

With a wide range of the highest quality farm supplies and equipment, our Nutrien Ag Solutions branches are a one-stop-shop for all your farming needs.

General farm supplies

We have long been a major supplier of farming equipment to regional and rural Australia. Our experience and excellent technical know-how means you get all the latest developments in safety and technology, backed up by our team of professional staff.

Our product range covers a great variety of different equipment and merchandise from the leading manufacturers and suppliers. 


Our farm supplies range includes:

  • Harvest products

    • Baler net in a range of sizes for all machines
    • Baler twine for small square, big round and big square
    • Silage inoculants to ensure quality silage
    • Expert silage products and advice for all applications, including silage wrap, pit covers and plastic film
  • Storage products

    • Produce cartons for all fruit and vegetable crops
    • Storage bags and Swap’n’Go® gas products
    • Grain bags, sheds and silos for all your harvest needs
  • Farm equipment

    • Diesel tanks and accessories
    • On-farm security systems
    • Oils and lubricants
  • Horticulture equipment

    • Pruning tools
    • Tarpaulins and nets
    • Mulch and garden fertilisers
  • Spraying equipment

    • Mid-sized and knapsack sprayers
    • Spray tanks and accessories
  • Safety Equipment

    • Breathing, head and hand protection
    • Signage and warning lights
    • Load restraint equipment


Horticulture supplies and services, from plant nutrients and crop protection to post-harvest treatment, from Australia's leading agribusiness.

Check out the extensive product range by visiting the Horticulture website.

Visit the Horticulture website

Water Products

We are serious about water conservation. Australia is a dry country that regularly experiences drought, and we know that for businesses like yours, every litre counts.

We have the range and the expertise to provide you with the products and the tools you need to maximise your water efficiency.


Our range of water products includes:

  • Water storage

    • Poly and steel water tanks
    • Poly and concrete water troughs and accessories
  • Water movement

    • Firefighting, household and solar pumps
    • Poly pipe and fittings
    • Junctions, elbows and float values

Clearing Sales

We conduct clearing sales and on-property auctions of farm equipment – including farm machinery such as headers, tractors and vehicles, workshop equipment, and even antiques and collectables, as well as livestock.

Visit our Nutrien Harcourts website and view a list of our sales, or find more information on how we can assist you to sell your items.

Visit the Nutrien Ag Solutions Harcourts website

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