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Nutrien Water is Australia’s partner in agricultural water management. Utilising advanced technologies to harness and manage agriculture’s most critical input, our team is skilled in determining the most suitable and cost-effective water solution for every customer. Nutrien Water can assist with all your water needs including stock and bore water, drip and sprinkler irrigation, pivot and lateral move irrigators, soft and hard hose irrigators, pumping and water monitoring.

Horticulture and Viticulture


As growers strive to boost quality crop yields, the role of irrigation becomes critical. Nutrien Water are experts in designing, supplying, and installing crop watering systems that maximise technology to provide effective and efficient automated water application and monitoring. From row crops to orchards, vineyards to hot houses and everything in between, Nutrien Water can design a system to suit your needs. 


Broadacre and Pasture


As the need for more efficient irrigation methods increase, broadacre farmers are turning to overhead irrigation. Nutrien Water offers a range of innovative Lateral Move and Centre Pivot Irrigators along with traditional soft and hard hose irrigators. Working with leading manufacturers, Nutrien Water will tailor a system to suit your needs including fully automatic systems providing real-time updates for complete control over watering schedules.

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Combining the latest in product technology and design expertise, Nutrien Water offers a range of solutions for fluid control and application across aquaculture. We have everything from stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal, submersible, and multi-stage pumps and pump sets, to pipe and fittings. Our expert design team can configure a system to meet your unique needs.




Selecting the correct pump and piping system to deliver water to dairy cows is critical, with water shortages having the potential to impact production. Nutrien Water can assist with product selection and system performance by fine tuning equipment to prevent excessive cycling. This provides lower running costs and extends the life of the pump. We can also offer centre pivot and lateral move systems for irrigating pasture and solutions for managing wash down and effluent systems.


Stock and Bore Water


Ensuring stock have access to clean, fresh drinking water is critical to improving growth rates and maintaining herd health. The delivery of stock water is a complex network of components including bore pumps, holding tanks, troughs, water monitors, solar panels and filtration. Nutrien water can design an integrated system to maximise efficiency, minimise maintenance costs and provide real time alerts to system leaks and faults, while ensuring a consistent water supply for your stock. 

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Flood Irrigation


Moving water across flood irrigation systems and channels requires specialist knowledge and equipment.  Based in Cohuna, Victoria, our highly experienced team can assist with the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of flood irrigation systems.  From in-house designed and fabricated bay outlets, solar pumping installations and complete design and installation of pipe and riser systems we service customers nationally.  We can also advise on automation and system upgrade options.




A correctly designed and sized filtration system is critical for protecting agricultural irrigation systems from contaminants and preventing blockages.  From manual filters to fully automatic systems, sand media tanks and hydro cyclone separators we have the range of filters to suit any application.  Because every irrigation system is unique, our team of experts individually design each and every system based on your water source, irrigation method and scheduling requirements, to ensure it's the right filtration solution for your operation. 

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At Nutrien Water, we understand pumping and the importance of managing water flow and delivery across a wide variety of applications, from domestic pressure pumps, to large-scale agricultural pump stations. Our experienced team can assist in pump selection, design and installation, ensuring your pumping solution provides effective and efficient water delivery, no matter the application.


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