At Nutrien Water, we understand pumping and the importance of managing water flow and delivery across a wide variety of applications, from domestic pressure pumps, to large-scale agricultural pump stations. Our experienced team can assist in pump selection, design and installation, ensuring your pumping solution provides effective and efficient water delivery, no matter the application.

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Engineered to order Solutions

The Engineering Team are specialists in water treatment solutions for human and stock consumption and domestic, industrial and mining wastewater management. With in-house fabrication facilities and a team of fully qualified and certified engineers and fabricators, we are experts in the design and manufacture of engineered-to-order water transmission systems. From basic headworks sets through to client specified and bespoke engineered solutions, we provide stand alone and packaged pump sets for water treatment, transfer and re-use to suit all flow requirements.

Domestic Pumping


Your local Nutrien Water team can advise on all your domestic and household pumping needs, providing a range of pumps for managing water within and around the home. Applications include small scale pressure pumps designed to provide a consistent flow of water, transfer pumps for shifting larger volumes of water and specialist pool and spa pumps.

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Stock Water


Ensuring stock have access to clean, fresh drinking water is critical to improving growth rates and maintaining herd health. The delivery of stock water is a complex network of components including bore pumps, holding tanks, troughs, water monitors, solar panels and filtration. Nutrien water can design an integrated system to maximise efficiency, minimise maintenance costs and provide real time alerts to system leaks and faults, while ensuring a consistent water supply for your stock.

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Pump Stations


Nutrien Water specialises in the design, installation and commissioning of pump stations from small domestic settings to multi-stage pumping systems. Suitable across agriculture, sports turf, commercial, pressure washing and water treatment applications, each pump station is designed for high performance and long operating life cycles.

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Solar Pumping


Designed to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes and rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable. Solar Pumps are powered by the sun and can be automated to switch on and off using sensors, switches and float valves. Suited to agricultural applications, solar pumping solutions provide a long-term, cost effective solution for irrigation and stock watering.

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Bore Pumps


Submersible pumps are designed to access water from bores and spearpoints where surface water is not available. Ranging from 4’ to 12” in diameter, submersible pumps can deliver a wide range of flow rates suited to applications including domestic water supply, turf watering, agricultural irrigation, and stock watering.

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FireFighting Pumps


Nutrien Water provide a full range of market-leading engine drive firefighting pumps, including hose kits, nozzles and camlock fittings. Typically located in remote locations to draw water from a dam or river, firefighting pumps are connected to an engine that runs on a 2 stroke, diesel or unleaded fuel motor. These pumps are self-priming which means they suck water through the inlet automatically once started.

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