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As an authorised representative of Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd, we provide a powerful value proposition as one of Australia’s largest facilitators of insurance in rural communities.  

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We help protect what’s important to you

Nutrien Ag Solutions Farm Insurance_Grain header in the field

Farm Insurance

Your farm means everything to you - we understand that. We are proud to offer a range of farm insurance and options, that can be tailored to your needs, giving you peace of mind.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Motor Vehicle Insurance_Farm vehicle on a side dirt road

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Life in regional and rural Australia brings with it challenges beyond those related to farming. Transportation is a key concern and insuring your motor vehicle is just as necessary as insuring your crops. That’s where we can help by facilitating motor vehicle insurance coverage.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

Nature provides your crops with life-giving rains and sunshine. But nature can also be very unpredictable, and can take it all away in an instant. Our range of crop insurance options can help protect your crops, and give you peace of mind.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Livestock and Equine Insurance

Livestock and Equine Insurance

Your livestock is the lifeblood of your business - protecting against the many risks they encounter is critical to your peace of mind.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Business Insurance_Arial view of a farm in Australia

Business Insurance

Your business is your livelihood - your family and your workers contribute to its success, but are also exposed to its risks. We know that protecting your livelihood against these risks with business insurance is one of the most important things you can do for your family and workforce.

Home & Contents Insurance

Your home is at the heart of your farm and your life. We can help you keep it safe.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Transport & Logistics Insurance_Transport Truck on the freeway

Transport & Logistics Insurance

Transport and logistics are a vital part of many operations. We help you to look after your valuable assets.

Marine Insurance

Transporting livestock is a risky but necessary business. We understand the risks involved, and can provide tailored insurance to ensure your stock stays protected.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Aviation Insurance_helicopter

Aviation Insurance

Australia is a big country and so are many of the properties that our farmers work. This means that light aircraft can be vital tools for many farmers - tools that need to be protected.

Weather Insurance

Protect against weather-related risks with parametric weather insurance covering low and high temperatures, excess rainfall, and deficit rainfall - safeguarding your business and assets.

Can't find the insurance that fits your needs?

Our broking specialists understand that insurance can be complex, time-consuming and full of jargon only experts understand. They’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you get a suitable and tailored insurance option.


Nutrien Ag Solutions Limited (ABN 73 008 743 217) is an authorised representative (AR No. 275140) of Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 008 358 303, AFSL 238369) and a referral partner of Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 11 000 016 722, AFSL 227681) trading as WFI.  Nutrien Ag Solutions and Marsh Advantage Insurance arrange the insurance and are not the insurers.  This page contains general information, does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.  For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Nutrien Ag Solutions or Marsh Advantage Insurance.