Nutrien Water are your partners for domestic irrigation, water storage, management and pumping needs. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams can guide your product selection, while providing an expert to customise a solution that suits your individual needs.

Garden Irrigation


Correctly designed and installed watering systems are fundamental to ensuring that your lawn and valuable plants, trees and shrubs continue to thrive even in the toughest environment. Domestic irrigation systems can incorporate the use of grey and recycled water and supply from tanks to reduce water costs and maximise efficient water usage. Our trained irrigation designers can put together a system which best suits your circumstances and budget – from the smallest suburban garden to a large rural block – we do it all.

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Ground Water Harvesting


With surface water resources continuing to be stretched, ground water accounts for more than 20% of water used each year. Bores and spear-points are the two most common mechanisms used for extracting groundwater. Specialising in the design and installation of ground water systems, we consult with local authorities to determine the best solution for your needs.


Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting captures and stores rainwater which can reduce dependence on mains water or in more remote areas provide an additional water source. Nutrien water can provide a complete solution including tank, pump and water filter to suit a range of applications from domestic drinking water to rural firefighting systems.

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Pools and Spas


The household pool or spa is an important part of the Australian backyard. Nutrien Water can help keep your pool in top condition with a range of energy efficient pump and filter solutions that are cost-effective.

Water Filtration and Purification


Whether you are using mains water, drawing from a bore or utilising rainwater, installing a water filtration or purification system will remove impurities and provide fresh, clean water. Nutrien Water provides a range of filtration and purification solutions from domestic under-sink cartridges to large-scale agricultural filtration systems.

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At Nutrien Water, we understand pumping and the importance of managing water flow and delivery across a wide variety of applications, from domestic pressure pumps, to large-scale agricultural pump stations. Our experienced team can assist in pump selection, design and installation, ensuring your pumping solution provides effective and efficient water delivery, no matter the application.


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