Digital Ag

Farming has changed since Nutrien Ag Solutions' legacy businesses were founded more than 150 years ago. More and more, the ability to collect and utilise data to drive decisions is key to maintaining an efficient and productive agricultural operation. Nutrien Ag Solutions is at the forefront of developing and tailoring local strategies supported by technology and data.

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Nutrien Ag Solutions is passionate about finding digital tools that facilitate better, easier in-field decisions that add real value at the farm gate.

We can assist with:

  • Digital Plans and recommendations
  • Soil and tissue testing
  • Precision Ag
  • In-season NDVI
  • Long-term average NDVI zones
  • Yield data visualisation
  • Utility farm maps
  • Variable rate recommendations
  • Soil surveys
  • Trialling new remote sensing technology
  • Understanding of new agronomic technology
digital ag - person using ipad in wheat crop

Digital Ag Contacts

Get in touch with our team of experts in farming technology and digital agriculture today.