Nutrien Ag Solutions' Exclusive & Licensed Brands

We offer a wide range of subsidiary brands, representing the quality, expertise and local knowledge that sets us apart.

Nutrien ag solutions Exclusive Brands

Loveland Agri Products


Loveland Agri Products™, a subsidiary of Nutrien Ag Solutions, specialises in enhanced cropping products that improve farm productivity, output and profitability. Loveland’s® range of innovative and highly effective crop nutrition and protection products, adjuvants and seed treatments will ensure the health and wellbeing of your crops, at a competitive price.

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Genfarm® is part of our stable of proprietary products, and services the Australian farming community by creating and supplying innovative and economically-priced farm chemicals. The aim of Genfarm® is to increase the range of choice within the crop protection industry, allowing Australian farmers to safeguard their crops with high-quality herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides at a competitive price.

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Dalgety Animal Health


Dalgety® Animal Health is our exclusive animal health product brand, offering value and performance to Australian farmers. Backed by research, technology and expertise, Dalgety® Animal Health offers a wide range of different products to help protect your livestock, including drenches and tick treatment products for cattle, sheep and goats.

Check out the product range at the Dalgety® Animal health website.

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Dyna-Gro Seed


The Dyna-Gro® product range is exclusive to Nutrien Ag Solutions and designed and driven by the demands of our local market. The Dyna-Gro® commitment to providing the most state-of-the-art seed solutions is unrivalled in Australia, and makes Dyna-Gro® your number one choice in seed.

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At Nutrien Ag Solutions, our reputation is bound to the quality of the products we sell, and the FertiMAX® range of fertiliser products are no exception. FertiMAX® is ideal for fertigation and covers a wide range of different treatments for a huge range of crop types. FertiMAX® products are subject to exhaustive and ongoing testing and development, and are sold exclusively by Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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Nutrien Ag Solutions Licensed Brands



We are the exclusive distributors of the Y-Tex® Corporations range of buffalo fly control and identification products in Australasia. Established in Wyoming in 1967, Y-Tex® has been dedicated to extensive research and development, field testing and excellent craftsmanship of all their products, and we are proud to make their product range available to Australian livestock owners.

To see the Y-Tex® product range, visit the Australian website.

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Regulin® is our exclusive brand for enhanced reproductive fertility in sheep. Backed by research into reproductive performance in ruminant animals, Regulin® improves the reproductive performance of sheep in spring and summer for increased lambing percentages.

Check out the product range at the Regulin® website.

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