Crop Monitoring Services

To provide the most accurate recommendations that are specific to your crops, our agronomists need reliable scientific evidence.

Using our NutriScription® program and advanced crop monitoring systems, we test and analyse soil and plant tissue samples to give you valuable, up to date insights to maximise the potential of your farm.

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NutriScription® is a complete nutritional prescription service which takes soil, water, and tissue analysis data and creates agronomically correct and field-specific fertiliser recommendations. NutriScription® has been specifically designed to provide useful information to the grower as a way to help resolve nutrient-related production problems.

NutriScription Soil Testing


Soil is the most important resource in all agricultural systems. We know that ensuring that your soil is strong, fertile and healthy is critical to the success of your crops, and so we conduct in-depth soil sampling and tests to put you in the best position to achieve the most productive results.

Our expert network of agronomists use soil testing to better understand the status of the soils across your property. The chemical, physical and biological makeup of samples is measured so we can determine the most appropriate fertiliser, nutrient and ameliorants.

We are constantly evolving our evaluation techniques for soil analysis based on new methods of research, and combine them with years of experience and understanding of soil variability and history to help you make effective management decisions.

NutriScription Plant Tissue Testing


Plant testing and tissue analysis is a vital part of knowing what’s going on with your plants at key growth stages, from ensuring they get the right nutrients at the right time to predicting and correcting potential deficiencies before they occur.

Our agronomists rely on this process to give you the best, tailored advice every season. Along with testing the nutrients in your soil, our agronomists use advanced plant tissue analysis methods to plan, manage and fine-tune your nutritional programs, offer specific and comprehensive recommendations, and predict future risks. 

Once the plant tissue has been sampled, the material is analysed for amounts of major and trace nutritional elements. Taking into account the ideal nutrient levels for that crop at that growth stage, as well as data and knowledge of that variety and location, our team interpret the plant tissue test results and form detailed and tailored recommendations.

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