Marketing & Selling Wool Clips

We are passionate about wool and ensuring Australian wool growers remain productive, sustainable and profitable.

We offer a range of services and solutions for marketing and selling wool, to help you make the most out of your wool clip.

Wool Auction

With over 90% of wool clips selling at auction, Nutrien Wool conducts wool sales at most of the selling centre.  Our team of auctioneers and selling staff strive to achieve the best possible prices.

Online sales

As one of Australia’s largest wool brokers, Nutrien Wool offers all selling options including the Wooltrade selling platform to offer your wool to the world - 24/7. You choose your own reserve price.

Basis Contracts

Volatility in the market is a fact of life in this business, and as such, we aim to offer real price risk management solutions for you. Our Basis Contracts give you the opportunity to manage your future wool price now, by locking in a contract price up to three years ahead of your sale. Utilising our extensive industry contacts and the Mercari electronic selling platform, Nutrien Wool sources the best possible forward prices for its customers.


Environmentally sustainable wool

We understand that the global demand for organic and low-chemical residue fabrics is increasing and that many wool buyers require their suppliers to comply with the requirements of the environmentally sustainable wool market. As part of our mission to be proactive in recognising environmentally sustainable practices, we offer supply arrangements for complying growers to not only deliver on the consumer expectation but make the most out of their sustainable wool clip.

Private buying

We organise private sales of all sizes through our Nutrien Wool Family store doors, or right on the farm. Retain full control over your sale, while receiving specialist advice from our team to help you maximise your profits.

Nutrien Wool Direct

Our direct-to-mill supply arrangement, Nutrien Wool Direct, is designed to give you a simple and direct approach to selling your wool, that can generate a wealth of savings, both ‘in shed’ and in testing costs.  When your wool has been delivered to a wool store, core tested and fully specified you will receive a price offer. The offer price will be the best price obtained from several Exporters and Mills. With this method, you will know the full specifications of your wool before it is sold. Benefits include fast turnaround, allowing you to take advantage of market conditions and quick payment.