We are a leading national supplier of seed, offering growers seed for all applications, including broadacre field crops, pasture, and vegetables. We also supply seed coated with enhancements such as inoculants, nutrients and fungicides or insecticides to allow you to enhance growth rates and sowing efficiencies.

By working closely with our supply network of leading seed distributors, Nutrien Ag Solutions can offer you the latest varieties, and through the local knowledge of our agronomists, we are well-placed to offer you valuable insight as to which varieties are most suitable for your needs.

Seed Quality

We recognise the vital importance of high-quality seed to our customers. We know you need to be able to trust the purity of the seed you are sowing, to ensure you are not introducing unwanted plants and weeds.

We are a member of the Australian Seed Federation and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that you can rely upon the quality of the seed we supply.

Dyna-Gro Seed

The Dyna-Gro® product range is exclusive to Nutrien Ag Solutions and designed and driven by the demands of our local market.

The Dyna-Gro® commitment to providing the most state-of-the-art seed solutions is unrivalled in Australia, and makes Dyna-Gro® your number one choice in seed.

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Seednet is a national seed business. It has the vision, skills, commitment and network to provide leadership and direction to the breeding, development and distribution of superior grain varieties.

Find out more by visiting the Seednet website.

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Proven Seed

Proven Seed is our exclusive seed brand delivering quality pasture seed mixes to our Nutrien Ag Solutions customers.

Proven Seed has a range of pasture mixes suited to different areas of Australia. These pasture seed mixes have been designed by experienced agronomists and aim to provide quality pasture feed.

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