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Access your statements, invoices and NPay when you want, all in one place.

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Managing your farm's finances often happens outside of business hours and it can be difficult to find the time to visit your local Nutrien Ag Solutions branch when it's most convenient for you.

Using our Digital Hub, you can enjoy a simplified view of your Nutrien Ag Solutions accounts and finances with us.

Read our Digital Hub Registration Process below to learn more about the steps to take to get access.

Use Digital Hub to:

  • Access your statements and invoices when you want, all in one place

  • Better manage your finances with us

  • Understand what is owing and when


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The Benefits of Digital Hub

  • Access to your account(s), NPay, invoices and statements all in one place

  • View individual transactions (at line-item level)

  • View and print invoices and statements (including livestock invoices and account sales)

  • Transaction categorisation at individual line-item level

  • Ability to export up to 12 months worth of transaction line items to a CSV (Excel) file

  • You can easily see what you owe and when

Meeting Your Changing Business Needs

We are always looking for ways to go further for Australian farmers and that includes making it easier for you to do business with us. Digital Hub is part of a new generation of Nutrien Ag Solutions digital tools that put the customer first.

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Digital Hub Registration Process

Get started on Digital Hub today, simply follow our quick registration process.

Steps to register:

  • Click the 'Get Started on Digital Hub' button to visit our customer registration form for the hub.

  • Complete the registration form.

  • Note, when registering please use the primary email address that you use to do business with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

  • Once you register you will receive a verification email.

  • Please click on the link in the email to login and ensure you verify your registration with us.

  • You can then access your invoices and statements from Nutrien Ag Solutions purchases.


Get Started on Digital Hub

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