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Minimise your tax by taking advantage of our prepayment solution this EOFY. 

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Nutrien Ag Solutions PrePay Plus is a great way to take advantage of a positive cashflow and receive great benefits while minimising your tax.

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About PrePay Plus

Our PrePay Plus offer gives you the advantage of earning rewards on funds lodged. By prepaying into your account ahead of time, you will earn a reward of  5% p.a. on those funds to be used on our extensive range of products as and when you need them.

Why use Nutrien PrePay Plus?

  • Small business entities may be entitled to an upfront tax deduction.*

  • Earn 5% p.a. on your prepaid balance to support next year’s input costs.

  • Use your funds on our extensive range of products, from crop inputs to animal health products.

Download the PrePay Plus form


 *Refer to Product Ruling PR 2021/15

It's tax time! Take advantage of PrePay Plus.

Nutrien Ag Solutions PrePay Plus is a great way to take advantage of a positive cashflow and receive great benefits while minimizing your tax.

Accountants & Financial Advisors, consider speaking with your clients about PrePay Plus today. 


Download the PrePay Plus form 

What are growers saying about PrePay Plus?

It’s a great way to manage cash flow for us and is part of our tax planning. And it helps with budgeting for the next season, because I know I’ve got most of my cropping inputs paid for before the season. I think we’ve gained confidence because it does suit our business very well

Andrew Bartley, Jimbour Plain

How do I use and sign up for PrePay Plus?

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Ask your local branch manager about opening an account

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Fill out and sign a simple one page agreement

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Lodge funds into your account

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Start earning the reward and collect your prepaid purchases as you need them

Product Features


  • You will receive a reward based on the amount of expenditure prepaid into the Nutrien Ag Solutions PrePay Plus account

  • A tax invoice will be issued to you upon receipt of the prepaid amount.



The prepaid amount must be used within 12 months from the prepayment date and cannot be withdrawn. If the paid amount is not redeemed within the 12 month period, the reward amount will cease to be applied.

Reward Amount

  • 5% per annum and calculated on the daily balance of your PrePay Plus account and credited monthly.

  • The reward amount will be automatically swept to your Nutrien Ag Solutions trading account.

  • Any reward amount must be used to purchase Nutrien Ag Solutions goods.

  • The reward amount is not interest and cannot be paid out separately to you.

  • Nutrien Ag Solutions may in its absolute discretion, change, alter or remove the reward rate.

Minimum Amount 


Maximum Amount

$5 Million**

Accessing Funds 

Customers CANNOT withdraw funds

Terms & Conditions

See full terms and conditions in the application form

Pay on your terms

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Download the PrePay Plus form

Important information

Nutrien Ag Solutions Limited ABN 73 008 743 217 (Nutrien Ag Solutions), its employees, agents or contractors are not providing any financial, legal or tax advice. Nutrien Ag Solutions recommends that interested parties obtain their own independent tax and/or financial advice on the suitability and benefits of this product based on their specific circumstances. The ‘Prepayment Amount’ is to be redeemed within 12 months from the Prepayment Date and the Reward Amount must be redeemed on purchases of Goods from a Nutrien Ag Solutions store. The Prepayment Amount cannot be withdrawn. Depending on individual circumstances this product may provide tax benefits. Contact your local branch manager or Rural Finance Manager for the Full Terms and Conditions.