Animal Health & Management

At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we care about your animals as much as you do. We are passionate about helping you improve the safety, quality and productivity of your livestock, working animals and pets.

We are proud to be able to provide all your livestock nutritional needs - from standard bagged and bulk feed, blocks and premixes to more specific ration formulation catering to your precise requirements.

Our staff include animal production specialists, so you can be confident of getting professional advice in this critical area of your business.

Our Services

We offer animal health products and advice covering:

  • Internal and external parasites

  • Nutrition

  • Vaccines

  • Pet food

  • Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs)

We also sell a large range of animal management and handling equipment. This includes:

  • Cattle crushes and yards

  • Drafting gear

  • Weigh scales

  • Load bars

  • National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) implementation equipment

Need livestock accessories? We have:

  • Drench guns/vaccinators

  • Wool packs

  • Marking accessories

  • Ear tags

  • Water/feed troughs

  • Shearing accessories

Nutrien Ag Solutions Exclusive & Licensed Brands

Dalgety Animal Health


Dalgety® Animal Health is our exclusive animal health product brand, offering value and performance to Australian farmers. Backed by research, technology and expertise, Dalgety® Animal Health offers a wide range of different products to help protect your livestock, including drenches and tick treatment products for cattle, sheep and goats.

Check out the product range at the Dalgety® Animal Health website.

Go to Dalgety Animal Health website




Y-TEX® CORPORATION’s buffalo fly and lice control products provide a unique range of insecticide ear tags for cattle and topical insecticides for horses and cattle to the Australian market.

Established in Wyoming in 1967, Y-Tex® has been dedicated to extensive research and development, field testing and excellent craftsmanship of all their products, and we are proud to make their product range available to Australian livestock owners.

To see the Y-Tex® product range, visit the Australian website link below

Go to Y-Tex website


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With more than 4,000 employees across Australia, we are dedicated to serving customers in regional and rural areas across Australia. Find your local branch and visit us today to experience the full Nutrien Ag Solutions range of agriculture products and services.

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 Disclaimer: Any animal production advice or information is subject to the Farm Services Terms and Conditions available at at Nutrien’s animal production information or advice is not a substitute for obtaining veterinary advice taking into account your particular circumstances.