Farm Emissions Profile

Understand your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and consider production efficiency strategies to reduce emissions.

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What is a Farm Emissions Profile?

As the demand for emissions transparency increases, farming businesses may need to understand their GHG footprint.

A Nutrien Ag Solutions Farm Emissions Profile uses government and industry-approved models to help you understand the source of emissions from your farming operations. Our team of sustainable farming specialists can discuss with you options to manage and assist in reducing your on-farm emissions. The first step is a Farm Emissions Profile.

Use a Farm Emissions Profile to:

  • Understand your GHG footprint
  • See the emissions intensity breakdown of your individual farm production systems
  • Receive emissions reducing options
  • Discuss market opportunities with supply chain partners
  • Inform farm strategies to support future supply chain emission reduction targets
Understand your GHG footprint.

Get started on a Farm Emissions Profile today

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A simpler solution for Australian farmers

We continually strive to make our services easier to use. Some online calculators can be difficult, confusing, or deliver inaccurate results. Our Farm Emissions Profile service involves working directly with our team of sustainable agriculture specialists to assist you in understanding how your net farm emissions data is derived. We can help you gather relevant data, such as:

  • Production data specific to your mix of farm enterprises i.e. cropping and/or livestock production information
  • Total energy and fuel use data
  • Total fertiliser and chemical applications data
  • Protected vegetation information

The Greenhouse Accounting Framework tools, developed and maintained by The University of Melbourne’s Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (PICCC) to align with the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGGI) will then be used to determine your Farm Emissions Profile.

What customers have to say

"Working with Nutrien has allowed us to gain a better understanding of our primary emission sources through a carbon profile and equipped us with the industry knowledge needed to tailor both our feedlot and farming practices."

Bill Kettle, Producer, Central Highlands, QLD


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The Benefits of a Farm Emissions Profile

  • See a breakdown of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Informs options for sustainable farming practices aimed at unlocking potential gains in efficiency and lowering input costs
  • Incorporate it into a comprehensive plan of action – discuss further with your Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist and/or animal production specialist
  • Ability to track and verify improvements year on year

"We believe that good environmental land management will not only become a trade and market access requirement but goes hand in hand with farm profitability."

Todd Price, Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainability Field Manager

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