Nutrien’s bold commitment to be the trusted adviser in sustainable agriculture

David Stanko, Head of Commercial Sustainability at Nutrien Ag Solutions, provides an update on his team’s activities over the past twelve months in Australia. 

Agriculture accounts for more than half of Australia’s land use, so the sustainable management of this land and incentives to support farmers to do this, from a trade and competitiveness point of view, is critical for feeding the global population. 

Since its inception in 2022, Nutrien’s Commercial Sustainability team has been committed to going even further for our customers to ensure they remain ahead of the pack in securing the financial and environmental sustainability of their farm businesses.  

Measuring, managing and marketing sustainability credentials 

This year we have conducted greenhouse gas emissions assessments on more than 250,000 ha across the country. This work is informing our future investment in digital, advisory and product solutions to support our growers going forward. 

Pictured: David Stanko, Head of Commercial Sustainability at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Vertical partnerships across the supply chain 

We are partnering with growers and the supply chain to demonstrate opportunities on farm to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have pilot work in progress across all business sectors including grains, livestock and horticulture. 

In 2023 we announced our partnership with Cargill in eastern Australia and Viterra in South Australia and Western Australia in lower emissions canola pilots which also involves more than 30 growers across these locations. 

Opportunities and risks associated with decarbonisation in agriculture 

We are proud of our partnership this year with Melbourne University to help deliver their Carbon Neutral Agriculture Program to farmers and land managers across Australia. Our team of experts from Nutrien have delivered the program to around 1,000 industry participants over the past 12 months. 

Work in the pipeline to set the industry up for success 

Nutrien is currently leading more than 10 pilot programs with different commodities and locations across the country. We are trialling various soil health management systems, the performance of nitrification and urease inhibitors to reduce emissions, tracing cotton from paddock to garment, developing emissions profiles for potatoes, and looking at opportunities in the livestock sector. 

The way our growers farm and the impact of farming on the environment is a major focus throughout the agriculture supply chain. So Nutrien is making significant investments in sustainable agriculture to prepare the industry for what this means for their business and offer sustainable solutions that improve the productivity and profitability of the sector. 

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