Why choose Nutrien Ag Solutions?

Whether you’re looking to develop or start your career within a specialist area, or you want to explore a new direction, Nutrien Ag Solutions can take you there.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is an integral part of the Australian agricultural industry and has been supporting farmers for more than 180 years. As one of the largest employers in Australian agribusiness, Nutrien Ag Solutions directly employs approximately 4000 people across 700 locations in Australia, professionals in livestock, wool, agronomy, insurance, finance, real estate, animal health, water and fertiliser. We are part of Nutrien, the world's largest provider of crop inputs and services with more than 20,000 employees around the world.

The scale of Nutrien Ag Solutions enables our current and future employees to access diverse career opportunities. Whether you are looking to develop your career within a specialist area or aiming to take your career in new and unexpected directions, joining Nutrien Ag Solutions will provide you with an exciting future.

Our culture

We strive to provide an inclusive culture where individuals are respected for their contributions. There is no doubt that the work can be challenging. Some of our employees work in physically demanding environments, others work hard to come up with great solutions for our customers and we have people who work on systems and complex projects that enable us to better support our extensive network of businesses and customers. At the heart of it, we have empathy for our clients; farmers and agricultural producers, who sometimes face insurmountable challenges and we are here for them every step of the way. Our guiding principles of safety and integrity underpin our culture and govern how we treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers.

Agro employees
Hand and crop

Our workplaces

Aligned to our Respect in the Workplace Policy, we encourage respect for the rights, culture, diversity and dignity of all individuals. Our focus on inclusion and diversity nurtures the best ideas and attracts the best talent around the globe to help us achieve our Purpose to Grow Our World from the Ground Up.

Our industry

A career in agriculture is like no other. Every day our employees’ partner with our customers to help them improve their business and ensure their long-term success. We are problem solvers, marketers, commercial partners, innovators, and trusted advisors.

Our teams

We celebrate and value the contributions of all employees and champion diversity and inclusivity in our teams, workplaces and within our industry. Differences in experiences, gender, ethnicity and lifestyles of our employees add to a diversity of thinking which enhances our business. We strive to develop all employees equally, ensuring we provide an environment that sets everyone up for career success.


Our talented, hard-working employees are the core of our success, so we work equally hard to show our appreciation. Each life stage we all go through comes with a new set of priorities and demands.

We offer a range of financial and non-financial rewards including.

  • Novated Lease salary packaging
  • Gender Neutral parental leave policy
  • Nutrien Day off 
  • National Wellbeing programs
  • Confidential support services  (EAP)
  • Professional development
  • Study assistance
  • Purchase leave policy
  • Corporate discounts.

Focus on women

There is an undeniable gap in gender in agriculture and we recognise that more needs to be done.  We are taking a leadership position in the agriculture industry to ensure we increase female representation in all areas, with a focus on senior leadership. To ensure women are provided with opportunities to develop skills to progress their careers, we have developed the Nutrien Ag Solutions Women’s Mentor Program and we also offer other educational, personal development and support.

Community and sustainability

We proudly invest in our communities, grow responsibly and create a sustainable environment. We are active in the communities where we operate and are focused on making a positive difference. Our employees have big hearts, and we are always looking for ways we can support and invest in our local communities.