Vital trauma training creating safer communities across Australia

Nutrien Ag Solutions has partnered with Careflight  to deliver vital Emergency Trauma Training to regional and rural Australia. 

Tom Mugford, Nutrien Ag Solutions Mareeba Branch Manager was one of nineteen locations to receive the trauma training in the last two months.  

Tom was quick to put his hand up for the opportunity to bring the emergency trauma training to the region. He’d witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of coming across accidents on the road. 

“Working in remote locations, it’s not unusual for our team at Nutrien Mareeba to come across accidents. It puts the team in challenging situations while medical professionals make it to the scene”, Tom said.  

“I have always kept my first-aid training current and it’s important. The trauma training introduces a completely different skill set though and people shouldn’t mistake being first-aid trained for being trained to respond to traumatic incidents,” Tom continued. 

“The CareFlight team are incredible, with obvious practical experience and knowledge. The training was bought to life with scenarios, where pressure was applied that allowed us to truly test our new skillset.  

“Straight after the course our team we’re able to identify how we could better equip our vehicles with the necessary supplies to help in the event of an accident,” Tom noted. 

Mady Muirhead, Corporate Affairs Coordinator at Nutrien Ag Solutions said the program was a vital addition to regional and rural Australian communities to upskill and train community members. 

“The goal for us is clear, we want to help equip our ag communities with essential skills and training to protect lives and reduce fatalities.”   

“The results from the courses so far have shown that every participant would recommend the workshop and have increased skills and confidence. It has been incredible to see the impact it is having on people within the communities we operate,” Mady said. 

Tom couldn’t agree more.  

“I would 100 percent encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to take part in the training. My team and I feel a lot more confident, and I guarantee you’ll get something out of it.” 

“In the weekends, my kids race motocross and unfortunately, I have already had the opportunity the put the skills I learned into action. The impact has already hit home for me that I couldn’t be more thankful to have completed the course,” Tom said. 

Nutrien Ag Solutions and CareFlight have formed a partnership that will upskill regional communities with life-saving skills in 180 locations across Australia.  

 Emergency Trauma Training provides skills that are  practical and targeted to those working in the agriculture industry. 180 workshops will be delivered over 3 years in rural and regional communities across Australia.  Learn more about Nutrien Ag Solutions Emergency Trauma Training partnered with Careflight here.