Our purpose

Feeding the future

Nutrien's Purpose
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By 2050, we’ll need to grow food for almost 10 billion people. That’s why we’re raising expectations on what an agriculture company can be. Our employees around the world are committed to feeding the future safely and with integrity each day.

Cultivate care

We cultivate community by caring for the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our growers, our customers and our neighbours so we all go home safe, every day. We are also proud neighbours and invest in our communities to seed solutions and nourish partnerships. 

Plant what’s possible

The future needs food. And the only way we’re going to feed and clothe everyone is to lead the agriculture industry in innovation and bold new thinking. With each nutrient, each solution, each day, we’re growing a better world around the world.

Grow responsibly

At Nutrien, we never stop growing, because our world never does. Our size can help us weather a storm, but with that ability comes great responsibility—to our growers and customers, our employees and shareholders, our communities, and the planet.

Harvest the best

Our focus on inclusion and diversity will nurture the best ideas and attract the best minds. Together we focus on delivering value to provide the solutions our growers and customers need.