Powered by our people: Komala Anglesey

Komala Anglesey initially wanted to be a vet but quickly fell in love with the agriculture industry where she is now the Nutrien Ag Solutions Regional Marketing Coordinator located in Western Australia. 


What does your role involve? 

My current role as a regional marketing coordinator is very broad. I help the west region with events, marketing materials, social media, local campaigns, right through to national level marketing strategies. No two days are the same for me. I am often out in the network talking to growers and branch staff, getting the ground level understanding and knowledge so that the business is aligned with seasonality and producer’s real needs. If I’m not out on the road, I’m normally in the Fremantle office liaising with the rest of my team who are located across the country. I am extremely fortunate to work within such a supportive team, especially when we’re operating on daylight savings time!  

What are some of the key skills required to be successful in your role? 

Flexibility is my main skill that has contributed to my success so far. There are often days that don’t quite go to plan or something else that’s more pressing comes along, and I need to respond to that. I also believe that strong networking skills have been instrumental in my success. Without these two skills I don’t think I would have been presented with the opportunity to take on the regional marketing role.  

How does your role contribute to the wider Nutrien purpose? 

I believe my role is responsible for conveying information between the network of employees and national leadership teams. Nutrien as a business is very people focused and a lot of importance is placed on relationships. I like to think that the information I receive from the network that I convey back to the rest of my team is making both internal and external relationships stronger. I also think that my role is responsible for presenting a consistent and reputable brand presence in the marketplace. Personally, I strongly believe in the Nutrien values and I enjoy facilitating them to be seen by the broader network.  

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

I thoroughly enjoy being out in the network talking to people. Whether that’s a small workshop or at a big field day, this is the most exciting part for me and hopefully something I can do a bit more of next year. When I am out in the network I really enjoy the drive to where I’m going. I can see first hand how the season is looking, which for me is much nicer than hearing about it or reading a report. I also really enjoy working with the rest of the marketing team, each one of us has a very different background and which makes for great collaboration and outcomes. I haven’t come from a marketing background and that has never been an issue, everyone has always been very willing to help me on my learning process.  

Can you share some of your career journey to date? 

My career journey so far has been very bendy! I finished my animal science degree from Murdoch University with honours in 2017. I had originally started university wanting to be a vet, however I very quickly fell in love with the agricultural industry, especially cattle production, and I knew that’s where I wanted to be. I completed my honours project in 2017 which was focusing on weight gain in northern cattle grazing on center pivots in the Pilbara area. I then moved to Hyden in the eastern wheatbelt in 2018 to work on a cattle feedlot and broad acre farm. I spent three years there, working my way up to become the feedlot manager. There were days where I’d be knee deep in mud in the yards or dripping with sweat, covered in flies and I absolutely loved it. I did also enjoy getting out of the feedlot every now and then and this was usually to help with seeding or harvest, escorting machinery, or driving the hay rake or chaser bin. My husband and I then travelled around Australia for a year in 2021. We came back home to Perth at the start of 2022 and this is when I took my first role with Nutrien. I applied to be a livestock administrator on a parental leave cover contract and was lucky enough to get the position. I enjoyed my time as a livestock admin, going out to clearing sales and ram sales, it was great to be back in the livestock industry. Then in October 2022 I joined the marketing team, learning a completely new skill set and thoroughly enjoying it! 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

On the weekends I am often out horse riding, gardening, or doing some form of cooking. I take great pleasure in having a productive veggie garden and hopefully a few fruit trees one day. I really enjoy using what I have grown and turning it into something good to eat. Lately I have taken an interest in ice cream making, especially with the start of the strawberry season and warm weather.  

Why should someone consider a career in agriculture? 

I am a strong believer that agriculture is one of the most rewarding industries to work in. There are so many different ways to be part of the industry. I have had the on the ground experience and now am experiencing the corporate side in marketing, something I never imagined I would be a part of. There are an endless number of opportunities and career paths. There is something inspiring about producers and how much they invest into growing a crop or raising an animal to provide the nutrients that are required for people to survive. The passion and drive to do better surrounding the ag industry is contagious and I am a huge advocate for anyone wanting to join in.  

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