Fertiliser Product Range

Our fertiliser product range consists of a high quality range of blended and compounded products to suit your needs according to the season you are in. Flutriafol, humates and applicable liquid nutritional products can all be applied on our granular fertiliser products if required.

Our fertiliser range:

  • CroP Builder
  • K-Start
  • Super Green
  • Bulk-N
  • N-Vigor-8


The Ezy Flow Nano Range is a comprehensive range of liquid trace element products using Nano technology in the formulation process to produce a quality liquid suspension containing micronized particles for superior plant and soil availability. Included in the range are Copper, Zinc & Manganese plus a range of combination products like Nano Trace, Nano Triple & specialised products like Nano Lime, Gypsum and Calbud.