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The Nutrien Ag Solutions fertiliser product range consists of a high quality range of blended and compounded products to suit your needs according to the season you are in.

Flutriafol, humates and applicable liquid nutritional products can all be applied on our granular fertiliser products if required.

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Western Region:

> PREMIUM CROPPING RANGE – A range of compound fertilisers which has balanced N,P,S with the option of added trace elements on every granule. The addition of MAP with trace elements provides a comprehensive compound blend range that can deliver 9,12,14,16 or 18% Phosphorus to suit your individual nutrient requirements.

>K-START RANGE – A range of NPKS compounded trace element products that provide balanced N,P,S and potassium to your soils. The K-Start compound range contains 0.1%Cu and 0.2%Zn in every granule. The K-Start 16 Trace is a high potassium compound and blended with MAP offers a flexible alternative to other products on the market.

>SUPER GREEN PASTURE RANGE– A high quality range of blended products containing an ideal balance of nutrients for superior autumn and pasture production. Super Potash, Super CZ and Super CZM are ideal for topdressing prior to crops and pastures on sandy soils. The addition of Basis XC to this range can improve plant growth at critical times to bridge the feed gap when there is a late break or where cooler conditions are common.

>LIQUIDS - BULK N is liquid nitrogen (UAN) offering increase flexibility for nitrogen (pre & post) application periods. Bulk N is compatible with our Loveland Ezy Flow Nano range of liquid trace element products and can be applied stand alone or together foliar or in furrow with ease.

>NITROGEN POTASH AND SULPHUR RANGE– A blend of Urea and Granulated Sulphate of Ammonia – perfect for topping up Sulphur on lighter soils or on canola crops. Ratios of NS 2:1 through to 6:1 are typical, but, you can choose your own blend ratio if required. The addition of Muriate of Potash provides a perfect top up of Potassium on light or high production sandplain soils.

> EZY FLOW NANO RANGE – A comprehensive range of liquid trace element products using Nano technology in the formulation process to produce a quality liquid suspension containing micronised particles for superior plant and soil availability. Included in the range are Copper, Zinc & Manganese plus a range of combination products like Nano Trace, Nano Triple & specialised products like Nano Lime, Gypsum and Calbud

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How to Order Your Fertiliser

Purchasing your fertiliser can be done in three easy steps.

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Step 3) You will receive your order confirmation when is ready for collection.

Depot Managers (WA, NT)

Name Michael Stephens (Spike) Chris Oversby Simon Arlington Peter Ebett Eric Esmeyer Wayne Taylor
Branch Albany Esperance Bunbury Geraldton Kwinana York
Address 66 Down Road, Albany WA 6330 Lot 627 Sims Street, Esperance WA 6450 12 Allnut Court, Bunbury WA 6230 411 Edward Road, Geraldton WA 6530 Kwinana Beach Road, Kwinana Beach WA 6167  134 Burgess Siding Road, York WA 6302


Additional Services

Soil Analysis

Our service extends beyond our provision of fertiliser. Our Nutrien Ag Solutions® Soil Analysis Services provide precise, independent analysis in a clear, detailed report which can help identify existing or potential deficiencies.

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Plant Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis is another way to help you better understand your crop. Monitoring or routine sampling can help determine current nutrition strategy performance, while diagnostic sampling can provide insights about crop performance variation.

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Laboratory Services Details (Western Region)

Nutrien Ag Solutions - Laboratory Services John Morritt

Unit 2, 34 Juna Drive, Malaga WA 6090

Lab Manager


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Fertiliser News Stories

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West Australian growers will have improved access to a competitive and reliable supply of liquid fertiliser.

Supporting Country Football Clubs

A fertiliser initiative led by Nutrien Ag Solutions has raised an additional $27,000 for rural and regional football clubs across Western Australia.

Nutrien further expands its fertiliser investment in WA

Nutrien Ag Solutions and Emfert have reached an agreement for Emfert to become part of the Nutrien Ag Solutions business.