Nutrien Harvesting the Future Scholarship program

Nutrien Ag Solutions has partnered with universities across Australia to encourage more people to consider a career in agriculture.

The Nutrien Harvesting the Future Scholarship program will launch in 2024, offering four scholarships with a total investment of around $80,000 over the next few years. 

 Nutrien Ag Solutions, says the business is focused on taking a skills-based approach to building the future ag workforce. 

“Our work in early career planning is critical to addressing the substantial gaps in Australia’s agriculture workforce. For every one graduate of an agricultural degree, there are six job vacancies1,” said Nutrien. 

“We are focused on building the skills, capability, leadership, and knowledge of the future leaders of Australian agriculture. In addition to providing financial assistance, the Nutrien Harvesting the Future Scholarships also allows recipients to be mentored by some of our business leaders for the duration of their studies,” said Nutrien.

Agriculture is one of the largest employers in rural and regional Australia, but Nutrien's workforce is no longer made up solely of ag students from traditional farming backgrounds.  

“This year we have welcomed over 400 people to our business, and many have never actually stepped foot on a farm. When these people sit down for a conversation with a fifth or sixth generation farmer their diversity in experience, perspective and skillset elevates the solutions we can provide to our farmer customers. It’s these conversations that are truly progressing Australian agriculture.” 

The Nutrien Harvesting the Future Scholarship is open to students at the following universities, and each university will manage the recruitment and selection process, please refer to the following links for more information: