Nutrien Ag Solutions kicks off fundraising for Do It For Dolly Day with $10,000 donation

Nutrien Ag Solutions has continued its partnership with national charity, Dolly’s Dream, to help raise vital funds and spread awareness of the impacts of bullying.

“This is the fourth year that Nutrien has partnered with the Dolly’s Dream Foundation, and we’re proud to be kicking off our fundraising efforts for 2024 with a $10,000 donation,” said Nutrien Ag Solutions Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Carissa Buckland.

“In 2023, our branches raised over $60,000 through hosting community barbeques, morning teas, auctions and raffles, as well as individual donations which Nutrien matches dollar for dollar. Most importantly, we all dress in blue and take time out of our days to have important conversations about kindness and mental wellbeing.”

Dolly’s Dream was created by Northern Territory pastoralists Kate and Tick Everett following the loss of their 14-year-old daughter, Dolly, to suicide, after ongoing bullying. The charity uses funds raised to offer critical resources, such as the free support line, Beacon cyber safety app and online Parent Hub.

Jessica Groves is an Account Manager at Nutrien Ag Solutions in Katherine, NT – Dolly’s hometown.

“Do It For Dolly Day is a deeply significant cause for our team, because Dolly and her family are part of our community. Many of our staff and customers resonate with the challenges Dolly faced – sending our children away to boarding school is a shared experience. Dolly's story has raised awareness about the importance of kindness and combating bullying. It's about honouring her memory and fostering a culture of empathy and support within our community,” said Jessica.

“The team at Nutrien Ag Solutions Katherine are once again leading the charge for Do It For Dolly Day, and we’re excited to see the growing momentum of this initiative. More and more people are stepping forward to be part of this positive change. Our plans this year include a community barbeque, raffle and in-house bake off. These activities not only raise funds but also provide platforms for dialogue and education about bullying prevention and mental health support,” said Jessica.

With Do It For Dolly Day (10th May 2024) coinciding with Beef 2024, the Nutrien Ag Solutions site will be turned blue for the day, with staff selling branded merchandise throughout the event and donning blue work shirts. Representatives from Dolly’s Dream will also be on site during the day. 

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