Investing in the digital future of the livestock industry at the Tasmania Livestock Exchange

The Covid pandemic, supply chain disruptions and disease outbreaks have prompted the livestock industry to rapidly shift to digital solutions and technology to support the growth and sustainability of the industry in Australia.

“The livestock industry has evolved over the past few decades and is starting to embrace digital solutions for agricultural operations and trading,” says Nutrien Ag Solutions Tasmania General Manager John Tuskin.

Mr Tuskin says the digital improvements being adopted across the supply chain are improving efficiencies, safety, and play an important role in managing biosecurity risks.

“The presence of lumpy skin disease, and foot and mouth so close to our shores only further highlights the need for strong livestock traceability systems,” says Mr Tuskin.

The single-point selling centre for the state, the Tasmania Livestock Exchange (TLX), is already embracing new technologies and online approaches to selling and buying livestock at Powranna.

“We are continuing to invest in TLX to ensure we deliver superior outcomes for farmers in Tasmania. This means we are focused on partnering with the right technology and improved systems to improve safety and animal welfare standards for the industry, and also encourage stronger participation from mainland buyers,” says Mr Tuskin.


TLX Manager Andrew Palmer says technology has come a long way and is producing positive outcomes for the industry.

“The use of technology and other digital solutions is saving time, improving traceability and has added animal welfare and biosecurity benefits,” says TLX Manager Andrew Palmer.

Mr Palmer says tech solutions at TLX are also supporting Tasmanian producers to connect with a national audience and increasing their buying power.

“The mainland purchasing support across this year’s feature weaner sales have assisted producers to receive record results with instances of up to 48% of total yardings being secured by mainland buyers. Many of these buyers are new competitors for quality Tasmanian weaners, taking advantage of tremendous seasonal conditions in Central and Northern NSW,” says Mr Palmer.

“The transparency of pricing from Tasmania to Tamworth via the technology available at TLX has undoubtably contributed to the increased returns for Tasmanian breeders this season whilst broadening the scope of destination and promoting the quality on offer from Tasmania.”

tasmania team

A second weighbridge has been installed at TLX which uses improved technology and digital capabilities to speed up the classing weighing and scanning of the animals.

“This investment will allow our team to scan and induct stock more efficiently which means less disruption for the animals and a reduction in hours for our staff which reduces fatigue and makes the job safer for all involved,” says Mr Palmer.

“We are also very proud to partner with industry leaders like AuctionsPlus and AgriNous to bring better outcomes for our producers. The digitisation of livestock activities across the supply chain is helping to eliminate inefficiencies and better protect people and stock,” says Mr Palmer.

AgriNous Managing Director Joel Rockes says their platform is a software solution that replaces the clunky and manual paper-based booking systems in saleyards.

“This isn’t about replacing people with robots, this platform has been developed to address challenges, improve efficiencies, bolster animal welfare and improve traceability through modern day technology designed specifically for the livestock industry,” says Mr Rockes.