Introducing Nutrien's Farm Emissions Profile service to help growers assess potential market opportunities

As the focus on sustainability continues to escalate, Australian agribusiness Nutrien Ag Solutions is helping farmers to understand their emissions and on-farm opportunities. 

Nutrien’s Farm Emissions Profile service is now being offered to farmers across the country. 

Nutrien’s Head of Commercial Sustainability Rebecca Underwood said helping farmers understand their current emissions profile can assist them in adjusting their future farm operations and practices. 

“Farmers have been asking lots of questions about their emissions and looking for support in this space, and we believe our Farm Emissions Profile service has been tailored to provide customers with the support they are after,” said Mrs Underwood. 

“This shift towards farmers understanding their net farm emissions number and how it is calculated represents a great opportunity for farmers to understand their carbon footprint, putting them ahead of the game to assess supply chain opportunities, and lead the next wave of best management practices.” 

Mrs Underwood said Nutrien’s Farm Emissions Profile service has been designed with the farmer at the forefront. 

“Nutrien is focused on cutting through the noise in the sustainability space and offering farmers the practical support and tools they need to inform their farm management decisions, drive efficiencies and be ready to capitalise on potential market opportunities,” said Mrs Underwood. 

“As part of the process, we identify the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions from a customer’s farm enterprise and discuss potential options to reduce these emissions. We have a team of Sustainability specialists that can assist farmers to collect relevant farm data to generate their total farm emissions and emissions intensity values per farm commodity. 

“The Profile should provide farmers with an indication of their on-farm emissions and help them take the next step to assess any environmental market opportunities,” said Mrs Underwood. 

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