Fertiliser is critical for global food security

Fertiliser is a critical input for farmers to help maximise their yield potential and continue to produce products for the domestic and overseas markets.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Managing Director Kelly Freeman says fertilisers have an essential role in feeding a growing global population. 

“Food security is dependent on the reliable supply of fertiliser to farmers across the globe, it’s imperative,” says Mr Freeman. 

According to a report by the United Nations, the world will need to grow 70% more food, as measured by calories, to feed the global population of 9.6 billion in 2050. 

“The agriculture industry faces a great challenge and opportunity in addressing this problem to sustainably increase food security and improve how we produce food on existing agricultural land,” says Mr Freeman.  

Mr Freeman says Nutrien is well positioned to meet the world’s long-term fertiliser needs. 

“Australia is predominantly an import-dependent market making it critical that our global supply chains are as efficient as possible. The backing and scale of our global business enables Nutrien to establish a global fertiliser network and continue to invest in strong and reliable supply chains,” says Mr Freeman. 

“We supply over 2.4 million tonnes of fertiliser annually to farmers across Australia.” 

ABC Landline will took viewers 1,000m underground in one of Nutrien’s mines in Canada to learn more about the global fertiliser market and the role fertiliser plays in feeding the world. 

Watch the episode here