Nutrien Wool Direct & Wool Supply Arrangements

Become part of a direct supply chain to wool mills by marketing your wool through Nutrien Wool Direct - an innovative supply chain system.

Nutrien Wool Direct gives you a range of savings and keeps you part of your wool’s journey beyond the shed.

Nutrien Wool Direct

Nutrien Wool Direct is designed to give you a simple and direct approach to selling your wool, that can generate a wealth of savings, both ‘in a shed’ and in testing costs. By significantly reducing labour costs and testing in bigger lots.

It works like this:

  • Sheep are shorn in their distinct mobs

  • The brand, bale number and the description are placed on the top and front of the bale

  • Fleece does not need skirting and is pressed with pieces attached. Any cast fleece, eg. Cott, colour, tender, should be removed

  • Bellies and locks are pressed separately

  • Once in the store, all lots are tested and a price - sourced directly from overseas mills - is offered


Environmentally Sustainable Wool

We understand that the global demand for organic and low-chemical residue fabrics is increasing and that many wool buyers require their suppliers to comply with the requirements of the environmentally sustainable wool market. As part of our mission to be proactive in recognising environmentally sustainable practices, we offer supply arrangements for complying growers to not only deliver on the consumer expectation but make the most out of their sustainable wool clip.


Eco Wool

ECO Wool is for wool that meets the EU ECO label for low-chemical residue standards. This supply chain can deliver you premium prices, as well as feedback on your wool’s final destination and end use. To meet these standards, wool must be prepared according to the AWEX Code of Practice.


Organic Wool

Organic accredited wool growers can market their wool through Nutrien Wool.  Our organic supply chain offers growers excellent prices, often above the market rate for comparable non-organic wool.


All wools that participate in our Direct-to-Mill and environmentally sustainable wool supply arrangements are AWTA tested giving you the security of knowing the performance of your clips match contract specification. 

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