Powered by our People: Peter Godbolt, SE Stud Stock Manager

This article was originally published by Kate Loudon for Australian Community Media in January 2022. 

Fourth generation stud stock producer and Nutrien South East stud stock manager, Peter Godbolt, has always been passionate about the seed stock industry. 

Growing up on the family's Hereford stud in Lancefield, Vic, Mr Goldbolt has been immersed in stud stock from birth, and always had a strong passion for livestock but "wanted to try something different to being a stud breeder". 

Beginning his career in the commercial livestock agency business 17 years ago, Mr Godbolt was based in Dubbo then moved to Gunnedah and Binnaway before starting with Landmark in 2009 as a stud stock agent and then transitioning in to Nutrien. 

His decision to become a livestock agent was easy. 

"This way I could have the best of both worlds. I could still be involved in breeding which has been a long time passion for myself and my family," he said. 

Mr Godbolt said the biggest challenge has been the pandemic, but he sees it as a positive. 

"People were forced to use more technology, buy bulls sight unseen, and buy through AuctionsPlus," he said. "We also had to ensure we were keeping breeders up to date with technology moving forward and trying new things. 

"I love succeeding for our clients; getting the best prices we possibly can for them, and seeing them get the most out of their livelihood too because for a lot of our clients, their main income is the one sale day a year." 

Other highlights for Mr Godbolt include "working with clients to find new bulls for them to use to take their programs forward and obviously the relationships you gain along the way. 

"I have a lot of clients that are close friends too, they just aren't a work thing," he said. "In the stud stock industry, you have to have a passion for it. It is a unique role and it's a fair bit different to the commercial job. 

"I really enjoy the auctioneering side of my job and I like being able to drive around the cow herds of clients and the breeding ewe flocks." 

Mr Godbolt says he thoroughly enjoys seeing and understanding all aspects of his clients' business and programs, not just the sale animals. 

Peter Godbolt