Nutrien Community Grants help students to understand sustainability and the environment

Students at Muswellbrook South Public School will be able to experience the latest in sustainability and recycling practices thanks to the new equipment purchased with funding from the Nutrien Ag Solutions Community Grants program.

New recycling bins, tumbling compost bins and slimline water tanks are now a permanent feature at the school allowing students to engage in special programs based on sustainability and the environment.

"The Nutrien Community Grants project aims to support the well-being of the rural and regional communities in which we operate. We were thrilled to have Schools with programs like Muswellbrook in our community to support,” Peter Townsend, Nutrien Ag Solutions Scones Branch Manager.

Tara Jeans,  Muswellbrook South Public School P & C, is proud to be a part of a school focused on improving sustainability and the environment. ‘Muswellbrook South Public School are very grateful for the support from Nutrien Ag Solutions. The items we’ve been able to purchase will provide staff and students with various learning opportunities including educating our students on sustainable behaviour, environmental awareness, understanding composting concepts and the importance of water conservation.’ 

Applications for the next round of the Nutrien Ag Solutions Community Grants program are now open! Click here for more information.