Leave your boots in Bali – FMD threatens Australian farms

With the presence of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) confirmed in livestock in Bali, travelers are being urged to leave their shoes in Bali and protect Australia from the potentially devastating disease.

Nutrien Ag Solutions General Manager Customer and Business Services Tom Breen says firmer biosecurity measures are vital to protecting the Australian agriculture industry.

“Anyone travelling to Bali needs to be aware of the risks and take all appropriate steps to make sure they do not bring home this highly contagious virus,” says Mr Breen.

“FMD can be carried on clothing and footwear, so the industry’s message is simple – leave your boots in Bali.

“We all have a role to play and the most important thing the industry can do now is review and tighten their biosecurity plans and restrict the movement of people visiting their properties,” says Mr Breen.

Mecardo agribusiness analyst Adrian Ladaniwskyj says an FMD outbreak would have serious consequences for the export industry.

“FMD would have ramifications far beyond the farmgate, the flow on effect to other industries and regional economies would be significant, while a crash in livestock prices would also result in job losses across the country.”

Mr Breen says it’s important everyone remains vigilant.

“With FMD right on our doorstep we must stay alert, watch carefully for any signs of the disease and report any suspected cases immediately,” says Mr Breen.

“Nutrien will continue to work with all relevant government and industry bodies, and our communities to ensure we are in a position to respond swiftly and do everything possible to protect Australian agriculture from FMD.”

Useful industry resources and information:

If livestock exhibit any unusual signs, call your veterinarian or Australia’s Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888