Direct to Mill Supply Chains

Become part of a direct supply chain to wool mills by marketing your wool through Fibre Direct - our innovative supply chain system. Fibre Direct gives you a range of savings and keeps you part of your wool’s journey beyond the shed.

Fibre Direct

Fibre Direct is designed to give you a simple and direct approach to selling your wool, that can generate a wealth of savings, both ‘in shed’ and in testing costs. By significantly reducing labour costs and testing in bigger lots.

It works like this:

  • Sheep are shorn in mobs, and each mob is given a unique brand number

  • The brand, bale number and the description (FLPS) are placed on the top of the bale

  • Fleece do not need skirting and are pressed with pieces attached. Any cast fleece, eg. Cott, colour, tender, should be removed

  • Bellies and locks are pressed separately

  • Once in store, all lots are tested and a price - sourced directly from overseas mills - is offered


Check out the below video with  David Brook and Warren Bull as they talk through the Fibre Direct process with Wyvern Station manager David Wagstaff.

Environmentally Sustainable Wool

We understand that the global demand for organic and low-chemical residue fabrics is increasing, and that many wool buyers require their suppliers to comply with the requirements of the environmentally sustainable wool market. As part of our mission to be proactive in recognising environmentally sustainable practices, we offer supply arrangements for complying growers to not only deliver on the consumer expectation, but make the most out of their sustainable wool clip.