Important 2,4-D Label Changes

17 October 2018

On 4 October 2018, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) announced interim measures from their review of 2,4-D which require new spray drift instructions for the 2018-19 season. The focus of these changes is to reduce the likelihood of spray drift damage.

The full APVMA review is expected to be completed in February 2019.

 The changes affect instructions for use for all 2,4-D products sold in Australia.

 New instructions for use include:

  • Additional information on recognising surface temperature inversion conditions (to support the restriction on current labels about not spraying in these conditions)
  • Buffer zones for both aquatic and terrestrial off target vegetation (including sensitive crops, gardens, landscaping vegetation, protected native vegetation or protected animal habitat)
  • A mandatory requirement to use nozzles producing droplets no smaller than the VERY COARSE spray quality category
  • Boom height is restricted to a maximum of 50 cm from the top of the crop canopy or weeds (in a fallow situation)
  • Mandatory record keeping requirements, and
  • APVMA also advise growers to increase droplet size over summer (1 October to 15 April) to EXTREMELY COARSE or ULTRA COARSE, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

What this means to Landmark & our Customers?

  • For products made on or after 1 November 2018, updated labels will be on all products containing 2,4-D coming from suppliers. 
  • For products made prior to 1 November 2018, Landmark can supply you a copy of the new instructions.  Please contact your local branch for more information.

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