Federal Court Approves Resolution Between Seednet & The ACCC

07 December 2018


The Federal Court has approved an agreement between Landmark and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to resolve proceedings commenced by the ACCC against Landmark's Seednet business.

The proceedings arose as a result of certain statements made by Seednet, in a historical version of marketing materials, about the Compass barley variety. These statements related to Compass’ resistance to lodging and leaf rust. Landmark has admitted that certain statements were misleading and has agreed to pay a penalty. It has also agreed to enhance its existing compliance program.

Landmark has cooperated with the ACCC at all times throughout the investigation.

Landmark (and Seednet) is committed to continuing to improve its compliance processes and is working closely with plant breeders of all the varieties that it markets, to ensure that growers and stakeholders have access to the most up to date, accurate and useful information about Seednet’s seed varieties.

Landmark remains very pleased to have brought the Compass variety to market, and is proud that Compass has performed strongly for Australian growers since its introduction. It has been and continues to be one of the highest yielding varieties of barley, and continues to deliver excellent yields to growers across most Australian barley growing regions.

Compass has also recently achieved malt accreditation, providing additional value to growers of the variety.

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